Software Testing Training in Kochi

Note: Due to COVID-19, We have started online live training/internship by team of IT experts.

Software Testing

Online Software Testing Training in Kochi

Cyberoid Technologies bring in collective industry experience in software testing both manual and automation testing. We believe in equipping people with simulation exercise and use the power of collaborative learning which prepares them for the future job assignment.

Our courses are specially designed to improve and enhance testing skills in SDLC, write test case scenario, data mining, etc. And the overall testing capability of the candidate. All of the trainees who completed the training course here have been appointed so far with excellent salaries in different IT companies in Kerala, India and abroad.

Benefits after completing Software Testing training

Software Testing Course will really help you to get a proper and high salaried job. All companies require skilled and certified experts to work in their company in the Testing field.


  • We provide practical training through live projects in Software Testing.
  • 18+ Years of software testing proffesionals sections
  • Training on real time projects in software testing
  • Our training is designed for IT proffesionals, students to help them for their career.
  • Training with real client projects with individual attention.
  • We provide advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in handling projects.
  • 100% placement record with placement assistance


Section 1 : Software Testing Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Importance of Testing
  • Principles of software testing
  • Differences between Manual and Automation Testing

Section 2 : Software Development Life Cycle

  • SDLC Phases
  • Requirements,Analysis
  • Design,Coding
  • Testing phase
  • Delivery and Maintenance Phase
  • SDLC Models
  • Waterfall Model
  • V Model
  • Agile Model
  • Prototype Model
  • Spiral Model

Section 3 : Software Testing Life cycle(STLC)

  • Understand Requirement
  • Create Test Cases
  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Test Report

Section 4 : Software Requirement Specification(SRS)

  • SRS Introduction
  • Write a Test Plan from SRS Document
  • Review SRS Document and Create Test Scenarios

Section 5 : Bug Tracking Tool

  • Use of bug tracking tool
  • Bugzilla
  • Jira

Section 6 : Software Testing Methodologies

  • White Box Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • Grey Box Testing

Section 7 : Test Case Design Techniques

  • Static Techniques
  • Informal Reviews
  • Walkthroughs
  • Technical Reviews
  • Inspection
  • Dynamic Techniques
  • Structural Techniques
  • Black Box Techniques
  • Experienced Based Techniques

Section 8 : Levels of Testing

  • Functional Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Non Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Portability Testing

Section 9 : Manual Testing

  • Writing test scenarios
  • Test planning
  • Test case design
  • Test data identification
  • Reviewing and Execution of Test cases/scripts

Section 10 : Automation Testing - Selenium

  • Automation testing introduction
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Automation testing
  • Components of selenium - IDE,RC,Grid,Webdriver
  • Locators of selenium - Firebug/developer tools

Section 11 : Introduction & Concepts of Selenium IDE

  • Features,Installation,Test Cases
  • Creating test suites
  • Adding Selenium IDE commands
  • Selenium IDE Menus
  • Selenium IDE commands (asserting, verifying , wait, and storing the elements)
  • IDE context menu
  • IDE commands :goBack,refresh,keys simulation,mouseOver,Highlight

Section 12 : Selenium Webdriver

  • Introduction to selenium webdriver
  • Setting up Eclipse
  • Downloading and configuring Webdriver in Eclipse
  • Converting Selenium IDE test to programming language (JAVA)

Section 13 : Selenium – JAVA language

  • Introduction
  • Data Types,variables, Modifier
  • Java Basics,Execution
  • Sample Programs in java

Section 14 : Selenium Driver – IDE – JAVA – Junit

  • Junit Annotations
  • Testing Annotations
  • Testing Eclipse plugin
  • Thread.Sleep
  • Exceptions
  • Webdriver Interface
  • Special cases involved in Selenium Webdriver
  • Concepts of Framework,Different types,Packages in Framework.

Section 15 : Live Project

Training Fees / Duration (Rs. 2,500/- Onwards)

  • Internship for BTech, MTech, MCA, BCA, Bsc, B.Com, M.Com, MBA Students
  • Duration: 1 Week to 6 Months
  • Internship Training on real projects
  • Training / Internship by Experienced Professionals
  • Online / Live / Direct Classes

Eligibility Criteria

  • Plus two/Degree/Diploma
  • Passion on Software Testing
  • Basic knowledge about programming languages such as C or C++ is an advantage..

Note: Due to COVID-19, We have started online live training/internship by team of IT experts.