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Content Writing Course

content writing

This course is about content writing and how to become a skilled content writer. It covers various aspects related to content writing and includes tips and methods for improving one's content. Most of the course is in video format, which enables the learner to grasp the content quickly and effectively. If you like writing and would love to make words, this is for you. You can make enough money to live a good lifestyle and be mentally satisfied. There is so much demand for content writing as a skill, and if you excel at it, the sky is the limit, as is the old age.


  • Good Writing
  • Strong Research Skills
  • Punctuality
  • Able to Follow Directions
  • Understands SEO / Marketing
  • Independent Problem-Solver


Section 1 : Essentials of Writing

  • Why not become a writer?
  • Do I Have Writing Talent? This is a false question
  • Ways to get inspired to create content - go through the block

Section 2 : Before you write

  • Introduction to Writing - Different Types of Information
  • Planning your writing
  • Guidelines for writing
  • What is a reader-centered document?
  • Reading to write
  • Referencing and plagiarism

Section 3 : Write right

  • Reading to write
  • Writing effective paragraphs
  • Pre-writing
  • Effective writing
  • Communication with subject matter expert
  • Grammar for writers
  • Common grammatical errors

Section 4 : After you write

  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Communication with Graphic Artist
  • Rewriting

Section 5 : Publication - Project Work

  • Writing for the web
  • Publication - Project Work

Section 6 : Career development for writers

  • Professional development skills

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