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Facebook Marketing Course

Facebook marketing

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world. Every day, millions of businesses use Facebook, make discoveries, generate leads, increase sales, and build loyalty among their customers. Facebook offers a lot of good marketing opportunities along with many tools and techniques to utilize them. Groups, sharing, pages, and ads on the site are all methods of Facebook marketing. The consultants at Cyberoid (a training division of Nestsoft Technologies) in Kochi help the students to effectively master marketing through the site and increase traffic on the client's page or website.

1.8 billion people connect with people using Facebook and find things. Every day millions of businesses use Facebook, make discoveries, generate leads, increase sales, and get loyalty to stay in the customer's mind.

Scope and career prospects

  • Attract and find new customers for your business.
  • Increase your sales by sharing and promoting the business.
  • Increase the demand for your product among the target audience.
  • Build a good relationship with customers to encourage loyalty.
  • Grow your business faster.


  • We provide practical training through live projects in Facebook Marketing.
  • Best Digital marketing work-based certification course.
  • Our professional program can help you become an expert in Facebook Marketing.
  • Our training is designed for web designers, corporate marketers and even students to help them kickstart or grow their career further.
  • Our experienced employees teach using real client projects instead of the regular classroom model.
  • We provide advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in handling projects.

Training Fees / Duration

  • Rs. 15,000/- (Duration: 60 Hours)
    Complete Social Media Marketing (SMM) Training for Students, Housewives, Professionals
  • Rs. 25,000/- (Duration: 1 to 3 Months)
    Complete Social Media Marketing (SMM) with Job Guarantee


Section 1 : Overview of FB social media platform

  • Market penetration potential of Facebook in the local context
  • The current & future Facebook ecosystem
  • Differences of FB advertising as compared to other marketing channels
  • How to do identity and streamline your target customers on Facebook via Audience In ights
  • Defining people based marketing – Core Audiences, Custom Audiences & Look a like Audiences

Section 2 : Setting Up Facebook Marketing Assets(Facebook Page, Business Manager, Facebook Ads)

  • Creating a Facebook Page for their Company / Brand
  • Facebook page is popular with key messages and branding assets of the user
  • Facebook page optimizes for more discovery
  • Setting up a Facebook business manager
  • Facebook creates advertising advertisements and provides access to shareholders
  • Enabling the Facebook Advertising Pixel and installing the Pixel in the digital assets of the organization
  • Anatomy of Facebook Advertising Campaigning Campaign (Campaign, Adset, Ad Levels)

Section 3 : Develop and manage Facebook ad strategy

  • Core Audience (Retrieving Locations, Age, Gender, Languages, Interests, and other Digital Elements from Facebook)
  • Custom Audience (aim for customer file, website traffic, app activity, offline activity, interaction)
  • Lookalike audiences (expanding similar audiences based on a set of audiences that is defined by the business)
  • Understanding the advantages & disadvantages of the different audiences
  • Guided creation of audiences
  • Placements of ad creatives on Facebook & Instagram
  • Scheduling and budgeting

Section 4 : Facebook Analytics, Reporting and Optimisation

  • Highlighting the different marketing objectives that are available on the FB advertising platform
  • Understanding the pros & cons of each objective and how they are to be used effectively
  • Suggestions on Improving relevancy score to get lower CPCs & CPMs
  • Essential Facebook Advertising metrics to track and measure
  • Best practices for design creatives & copyrighting