Youtube Marketing Course by Experts


Youtube Marketing Course

Youtube marketing course

Youtube is the biggest video sharing platform and the second biggest social media website in the world. YouTube advertising is important to smaller companies as there is always a chance for it to go viral and bring a lot of potential customers. Youtube marketing and advertising strategies help to increase traffic to your channel, website or online business. Our experts at Cyberoid (a training division of Nestsoft Technologies) in Kochi will give in-depth training on how to build a channel from scratch, create and produce your own content, earn an income from your videos and more.

During this training, you can understand how to build a Channel from scratch and show you how to produce content and build it up to the point where you made an online income from it.

Scope and career prospects

  • With this training, you can build your career entirely on your own.
  • Learn SEO techniques on YouTube and increase traffic to your channel.
  • Learn to create and put out better and higher quality content to attract viewers.
  • Build knowledge on Youtube advertising and how to benefit from it.

Training Fees / Duration

  • Rs. 15,000/- (Duration: 60 Hours)
    Complete YouTube Training Package for Students, Housewives, Professionals
  • Rs. 25,000/- (Duration: 1 to 3 Months)
    Complete YouTube Training Package with Job Guarantee


  • We provide practical training through live projects in Youtube Marketing.
  • Best Digital marketing work-based certification course.
  • Our professional program can help you become an expert in Youtube Marketing.
  • Our training is designed for web designers, corporate marketers and even students to help them kickstart or grow their career further.
  • Our experienced employees teach using real client projects instead of the regular classroom model.
  • We provide advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in handling projects.


Section 1 : Video SEO (Optimization) Campaign

  • The achievement and achievement of YouTube Video Marketing.
  • How to enable YouTube channel
  • Features of Youtube.
  • How to link Google Adwords
  • Video Optimization.
  • Enter keywords.

Section 2 : Critics and analysts

  • Video channel analysis
  • Current videos analysis
  • Keyword research

Section 3 : Optimization of videos

  • Video Title Optimization
  • Video Description Optimization
  • Video tags optimization
  • Channel tags optimization
  • Instructions for video cards and other enhancements
  • Suggestions for video embedding

Section 4 : Off page optimization

  • Article Article and Submission
  • Blog post writing and refreshing
  • Embededing videos in articles / blogs
  • Social sharing, videos, and blog
  • QNs and Forums
  • Embedding / sharing videos in QnA
  • Micro blogging
  • Embeding / share videos with guest posts
  • Social bookmarks
  • Video submissions
  • Giving Title and name
  • Including tags
  • Adds video description
  • SEO techniques on Youtube

Section 5 : Reporting

  • Videos Performance Report (Rank, Views)
  • Channel Views / Subscribers Report
  • Monthly Operational Report
  • Maintaining Youtube Channel

Section 6 : Video promotion / YOUTUBE ads

  • Youtube Advertising
  • Video Editing, Production ETC.