OnPage SEO Techniques to rank in rank from SERSP

There are some 'on page SEO technologies' which give good results in web search. If proper words or keyfires are used in the right way, it will help us optimize our web page and make it much better for us. Page SE The SERP rankings will increase the power of your site's traffic in technology. There are a lot of things to keep in mind while keeping a proper SEO.If all basic SEO practices are remembered, it is possible that your website search engine rankings will be much faster. If you continue to change Google algorithms, it is always necessary to keep the update always the same.

The properly designed and well-optimized website will help you to visit visitors, never going to be optimized and never going anywhere. That is why you should correctly optimize your blog posts and have a list of things to do before publishing.Here is a lot of important in the optimization techniques of the site to increase your SEO and search engine rankings.

Suitable page titles

For beginners, this is one of the most important things to remember. Make sure you enter the key keyword title and at the same time notice that most of them do not stuff the title.The main keyword is mainly about what the article is, and if you search for things related to it, you can give higher rank in search engines.

APT meta description

Although people often try to avoid this part, it's as important as the rest of your article. This again should have the main keyword and other long tails and keywords associated with your article.If you do not use it, you never know this because your drop in viewpoints may be the same. It should not be more than 160 characters, and people should be good, short and shaped to click when creating the search.

Keyword Density

An important factor of keyword ranking in SV. Therefore, it is essential to use these words in the right place in the right place. While most keywords are banned from search engines, very few high ranks will not help you.Full keyword long tail is 1.5% of your content with a resolution of the LSI keywords. These keywords are related to the content as much as possible.This is another way of helping people to achieve better and faster opportunities. In the right places, you will need to use the keyword keywords at the beginning and end with additional keywords.

H (Heading) Tags

Break your content into major sections and sub sections to increase readability. Use the correct H tags for each title / category. H1 is usually used for the main header, such as the page title, then the rest is used for H2, H3, H4, etc. Try using Hedik in your keywords (main and long tail). This will help crawlers to change key content.

The URL structure

This indicates that it has an SEO friendly URL structure. To avoid specific characters, your URL structure should be well-optimized by letters or numbers. At the beginning of the URL you need to use the targeted keywords. This is an important optimization technique.

Internal linking

If you link your own articles to other relevant websites, you are sure to work best in SEO. Interlinking Blog Posts What you are targeting SEO It is a primary concern. Make it easier for customers to look for the page they are looking for. Content links and consistent navigation links will help you better in your internal linking process.

Reading level

You need to make your content informed, but it's easy to understand. If you're using a technical term for everything you want to explain, it's a great deal away from your website.You should remember that the content you keep reads from 13 to 65 or above. Your content must be technically correct, but it's easy to read at the same time.


What do you do to the comment? Okay, I have an answer, do not worry. All you have to do is keep comments in moderation and review it just before commenting on a blog post. You can add a bilingual keywords there, because the reader will not really consider it. It can not be overridden, but you can add some keywords to it. This will help you to do it, it will survive and hurt you! How did you do that?

Videos and images

We often ignore this aspect of our blogs, but embedded in the right kind of videos and helps to make pages better and better with the right kind of images, using appropriate and appropriate tags. Establishing tags in images is a very important role in image search.