What Are The Digital Marketing Trends In 2019?

The new technologies are constantly being developed and the latest technologies are getting better. Changes in digital media and modernization enhance digital variants. Getting prospects along with advertising. The digital marketing trends, which play an important part in 2018, will not be completed in 2019. Here are some trends expected in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is presenting this year's showcase in the unrestricted association resulting from client division, re-targeting, push notice, and tracking clicks. This creates content now!

How do you use the applications?

  • Audience expansion
  • Audience Targeting
  • Product recommendations
  • Campaign Optimization

AI can offer what humans can’t!


Chatboots have improved to answer terrestrial inquiries, such as a live human customer support representative, to have a basic discussion with guests.This is much less expensive than a customer support person, which does not need to be staffed, it will answer the guests' queries very quickly.

Voice search on rise

The process of opening Google in your browser and following many result pages. In any case, when Siri asks for an inquiry now, we can get results. If your site is one of those, your site's CTR will be fully enhanced. This is why urgent demand for your SEO method is required.Queries made by Google these days are searched by voice searches. Amazon's Alexei, Apple's Siri and Google Assistant are increasingly used by individuals. They are very useful in finding human voice and are therefore used to search through any data on the web and travel around the house. This is completely different from the normal desktop or mobile search.

Omnichannel Marketing

They are the basic ingredient of the advertiser's ability to monitor the communications in Prospectum even when they communicate with you through different channels.So your clients will stay awake that you focus on the perspectives of your past relationship and that you really care about it. Find a Client Relationship Management (CRM) program that prompts you to monitor your connections at different stages for clients to implement omnichannel marketing for your business.

Video Marketing

The video is still at the top of the content market. The live video is just great. Keep yourself in your customer shoes.

  • In 80% of the internet traffic, the video will be 2021.
  • When large companies generate more videos than average, there is no connection between the size of the company and the number of published videos.
  • Small businesses use the lowest external sources for video marketing, which account for 24% only to depend on agencies, contract employees, or freelancers.
  • High tech and professional services businesses can retain high content in 120 seconds of video.
  • Businesses are increasing their investments in in-house and outsourcing video content to help meet the growing demand for video across the customer life cycle.
  • Users say that 90 per cent of users can make decisions and 64 per cent of users will be able to buy more when they watch a video.
  • Video marketers gain 66% more qualified leads per year.
  • The number of businesses using video on landing pages rose from 49% to 60% in the last year.
  • Product videos, demos, and explanations are the most produced videos; Web sites and social media are the most common distribution channels.


  • If you want to stand out in 2019, you have to personalize your marketing, or personalized content, products, emails, and more.
  • Custom content is easier than ever before clicking the availability of information like purchase history, user behavior, and links. In fact, studies reveal that 96% of marketers are personalizing customer relationships.
  • Businesses like Netflix and Amazon are already available

Social Media Stories

With the "stories" of growing social media, marketers are essential to consider this format in their digital promotion strategy. Savvi marketers will even live on live video use, the first for a marketing social interaction and full awareness.You can feature your employees in the store, show the story behind the creation of a product and invite reviews for your product and service.

Different messaging apps

The popularity of social messaging apps has been growing daily for individuals and business purposes. People spend more time fighting with each other instead of making individual chats. These apps play an important role in personalizing and adding values ​​to the user experience.


High-quality expertise with personalization, automation and AI-powered technology. It will look like 2019. You need to improve the audio and video content, especially for creating custom and parallel content to continue with the curve and to increase conversions, to share with your best-intended audience.