Introduction To The Kotlin Programming Language

Several questions have arisen in the introduction to this new language. Where does this language come from? Are there applications developed successfully using Kotlin? Is this popular? Is this to be learned? What is the ideal place to study Well, take a breath, I will introduce you to the Coldlin programming language for the development of the Android app, answer all questions and extract all misunderstandings.

What is Kotlin Language?

Kotlin is the open source programming language used to create a code running in Java virtual machines. The development of these languages ​​was made by Jet Brains. Kotlin is derived from Kotlin Island, near St. Petersburg, Russia. Until now, the basic language, Kotlin, does not agree with the development of the Android app. However, Kotlin is able to interact with Java, which will work in Kotlin Java and local. If they are not properly mentioned, the Coallin uses the Aggressive Assumption to know the types of emotions and values. This is quite different from Coldlin who is different from Java.

Kotlin was reopened in 2011 but it became popular only after being officially announced as the first class language of the Android platform. Kotlin used some of the most popular companies like Netgit, Pitt, Uber, Atlasian, and others to get official support. If you wondered why? The answer is simple, because of the benefits it has provided. Satyam mobile apps development companies like Kotlin.

The achievements of the Kotlin programming language

Easy maintenance

Koldlin has gained support from various IDEs, including the Android studio and any SDK device. This will help increase the productivity of the developers because they can go ahead with the already familiar and familiar toolkit.

Lesser Bugs

Code provided by Kotlin is clear and compact. This code is stable and consistent. There are fewer bugs when developing. They will also find it in the first stage that allows developers to fix any errors before runtime.

Enhance Team Efficiency

Because simple and simple syntax, Kotlin developers can help improve their efficiency. You can work more in a short time. Small coding, short logs of the code and easy deployment can be done with Kotlins.

Collaborate with the current Java code

Kotlin is a language that can be fully adjusted in Java. 100% working with Java is short, all the tools and frames will help you to switch between codliness from the jam.

What is Kotlin learn?

Well, the obvious answer to this question is yes. All the above privileges should certainly exist, and if you want to keep your life as an Android developer, you should learn Kotlin. This application is a more advanced and more productive way to develop new Android apps.

Where to learn from?

This is where you come to the question of where your Android training is coming from.