Top SEO Statergy For 2019

The strategy for SEO 2019 depends on keywords. These days SEO and its strategy is important for the business. One of the main strategy is creating contents for keywords. SEO strategy is understanding a website with content and organizing in the correct format with contents and related keywords. By optimizing a web page around keywords to rank in search engines. There are so many best SEO courses in Kochi. One of the best SEO training in Kochi is Nestsoft Technology.


SEO is search enginee optimization, which makes a website to rank in position in SERP's (Search Enginee Rank Position) by organic traffic. There are three types of seo :

  • Onpage seo
  • Offpage seo
  • Technical seo

On Page Seo: Onpage SEO training mainly depends on the content of the webpage which optimizes and rank first in search engines. Content mainly depends on meta keywords, meta title, meta description. Keywords are the main strategy for content. Keywords are query or phrase of search engines, where a person searches a keyword the search engine will check the database of the search query and will give the results.

Off Page Seo: Off page SEO is another strategy of SEO, it includes link building, forum submission, blogging. Link building is important for every webpage. Link building is getting links from other websites to our website. Forum submission and blogging are other important strategy for SEO.

Technical Seo: This SEO strategy mainly depends on backend of the website. Technically it will check the backend of the website like HTML and coding of the website whether its SEO is friendly.

Process Of Seo

  • Keyword Planning
  • Make a list of topic
  • Pages/Content for each topic
  • Create a Blog
  • Create link Building
  • Measure and track your content

Keyword Planning :

Keywords are the heart of SEO. The first step is to check the keywords using keyword planner or google keyword tools. These keywords should include in content, description.

Make a List of Topics:

Depending on keywords, should make a list of topics and content which should match with the keywords such that it will rank higher in search engines.

Content for each page :

Content of each page should be relevent and it should not be copy writed.It should focus on keywords of relevant webpage.

Create a Blog :

Creating a blog for a website is main statergy for seo. Blog focus on main keywords which focus on webpage.

Link Building :

Link Building is the primary strategy of off-page SEO. Link building is creating links from another website to our site. It may be paid or nonpaid, link building can be directory submission, forum submission.

Measure and Track Content :

Measure and track the content is important in SEO. The strategy of SEO is to get traffic to web pages. By using the tools like Seo audit report tool we can find the quality of content such that we can improve the content by keywords.

To Become an Seo Expert

    An Seo training Expert focus on web page rank of website. They focus on domain authority, Keyword planning, Meta title and description. They work on On page and Off page seo to get the page rank of website.