Most Popular Social Media Networks

Are you in love with social media platforms? You think it's a formal bliss, when you wake up at night, when you're trying to concentrate on - is literally? Human behavior is somewhat socially programmed, and some are active at some other time.Social media is the player who raises the game in digital marketing. Social networking is a mandatory compulsion built in a short period of time or in a manner which is going to be boring.

Facebook 2.23 billion monthly active users

There is no Facebook. 1 spot. According to various estimates, Facebook users' growth rate continues to grow steadily. In 2018 it was up 2.13 billion to 2.23 billion. Users are showing how popular the social media giant is among other sites.

YouTube Monthly is 1.9 billion active users

A video sharing social network works with one of the subsidiaries of Google. This section includes 1.8 billion users to categorize YouTube users to video uploaders and viewers. Many prominent brands and media corporations have found the way for video sharing sites. From music videos and movies to private videos and free movies, YouTube includes all of them.

335 million active users on Twitter

A live public microblogging network that comes first with news. It now emphasizes live information highlighting what's happening now, with 335 million active users now.

WhatsApp active active users of 1.5 billion month

Though Facebook has acquired the 2014, this instant messaging platform is an independent entity. They have given them the opportunity to hold the imagination of millions of people around the world and communicate with individuals and groups instantly. An icing for a cake is a recent surprise call feature.

294 million active monthly users

A resume and job search site LinkedIn has grown as a professional platform. It helps industrial professionals share their business content, build relationships with their network and build their own private brands. There are opportunities for the company to attract linked individuals.

1.3 billion active monthly user in Messenger

A messaging feature you can use for Facebook, to advertise your business, create chatbots, send them newsletters, and more. Messenger provides new ways to interact and connect message users.

1.06 billion month active active users

Just like WhatsApp & messenger WeChat grew from a messaging app into an all-in-one platform. This platform can also be used to shop online and make payment offline, transfer money, make reservations, book taxis, and more.

Instagram 1 billion monthly active users

Instagram is a photo and video social media app that allows you to share a wide variety of content including videos, photos, stories, and videos. You can maximize your brand presence through the Instagram business profile, which gives you broader analytics for your posts and profile.

500 million active users every month

In the first quarter of 2018, Facebook and Instagram and other social media applications have been broken down on social networking and the most downloaded application in the world. Users can record and edit videos up to 60 seconds and add music and special effects.

Snapchat 255 million monthly active users

A social media app that focuses on sharing photos and small videos known as snapshots. This makes popular the format of stories. A photo or a short video can be sent to a friend (a snap), which automatically disappears within a few seconds of the automated viewing.

250 million active users every month

The place to find and motivate new things, unlike other social media sites that focus on engagement. Your brand has a unique opportunity to build an audience purchase decisions. Your brand is helping to reach the mind of your brand.

On average, there are 60 million active users

Online publishing platform with a social network element. It's free to publish and read more articles. Republish your blog post to this platform from your blog's blog. All content is guided by the community of users who recommend stories they like and are shown to their followers' feeds.