Follow the Android App Development Trends in 2019

New year brings new opportunities, new possibilities, and new ideas. When technology arrives, it depends on the new idea. If technology does not develop, people do not mind. These trends need to be altered and changed. In the world of current technology, you must keep it in compliance with each other. Whether you're an Android trainer or an Android development company or an Android developer company, Android is all that you need to keep their eyes on. Let's start with 2019 dominant Android Trends.

Android App Development Trends in 2019

Statistics about the Android app

  • In December 2018 Google Play store has a total of 2.6 million apps.
  • The average user uses approximately 40 different apps each month.
  • Users purchased Google Play Store Purchase $ 20.1 billion.
  • Mobile apps comprise a large amount of 1.2 months of the month. This gives visitors time and money to show their products to users.

The importance of Android apps is highlighted on these days. If you have thoughts about whether or not you're an Android developer, my answer to the question is you're enrolling at an Android Training Institute. Finally, if you are in this corner, be sure to know the day before you wait. So let's take a drive on Android's trend.

Kotlin language

We have made extensive discussions about Kotler, and the dialogue is going on more and more. But it is excluded from this list. We can not wait when it comes to the trends in 2019. Kotlin is the work of the same team that creates a comprehensive development environment. Because of that, the developer is not connected to Java. Is it difficult to change from Java to Kotlin? Well, that's really simple. In your local or English studio, a Kotin plugin is required to automatically convert Java files automatically into Kotlins. One of Java's biggest issues is uncommon, which does not exist in Kotlín because it is enormous in its kind of system.


All of the flats is in the news, and that's why. This is one of the major trends in 2019. We've heard that our living conditions are cheaper. A big investment is required. Well, if we do not say it is not entirely wrong. Flutter is a way to make an application effective and timely. This is Google's Cross Platform SDK. Is. It uses the Google Dart language created in the same way as Java. Well, currently it is released in full beta version by 2019. Fluorosphere can be developed using fast building UI and hot reeling features. Android developers can use the current Java and Kotline code to create a native application with the filter.

Android AI Assistant

Progress in this area was a great one. There was a time when Siri had achieved the highest achievement in the AII. Google Assistant IBM Android companies like Watson and Sophia have never upgraded. In the corner of the world, the AI ​​is like its rooting. Even home-based smartphones, including Google Home and Amazon Alex. 51% of the market share will be used by Google Assistant. The quality of AI has increased by 93.9 percent over the past three years. This is one of the latest Android app development trends to win in 2019.