How to Increase Page Speed on Image Heavy Websites

Optimizing web images is a process of delivering high-quality images in the right format, size, and resolution. Image optimization can be done in different ways, be it by resizing the images, caching, or by compressing the size. There are many online tools for image optimization. CDN (Combined Delivery Network) is another way of improving website speed significantly. For eg: is the site with optimized images.

Importance of Optimizing Images on Website

Importance of connecting users to our website has been proven. If the website rank more than 2 seconds to load, it is lovable for users. So by optimizing images will increase the speed and helps to rank in SERP's. If your page load fast users will spend more time on our website. It is stated in many studies that users won't open the website which is less in speed. Optimizing images will help to improve social media marketing and digital marketing business.

How to Improve Page Loading Speed

Page load speed is the amount of time taken by a web page to load completely. It depends on many factors ranging from your website host to website layout and design. The websites having less than 2 seconds load speed are most loved by its users. So, if you are optimizing 64% of your website’s weight, which is images, you will be improving your website speed. Which gives website visitors a faster experience, thus more users would interact with product and services. There are many tools which can help you in analyzing your page load speed.

Image heavy websites will then struggle to increase page speed and thus increase their webpage bounce rates. Following these tips and best practices ensure that your website is not only providing a great user experience but will rank higher in search engine results pages, getting more traffic to your site through social media marketing and digital marketing.

Improve SEO by Mobile-Friendly Focus

  • Design to your needs
  • Balance page speed
  • Use Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Indexing mobile-first
  • Smartly using tools

Benefits of optimizing images

Optimizing images for the website has many advantages. Four reasons why optimizing your image-heavy website is critical.

  • Lighter website
  • Heavy images takes more disk space and bandwidth of a server. If the disk space is the higher exacting image is not a problem for hosted sites. If the server is having a disk space and bandwidth capability such that it will increase the hosting expense. So by optimizing images, we can reduce both the bandwidth and disk space that is required to display those images. Optimized images improve the speed of loading pictures on web pages, even with slower internet connections like on mobile devices.

  • To increase page speed
  • Lighter sites perform well as compared to image-heavy websites as they utilize less time to load all the page assets. A website’s desired functions load properly to serve a specific feature on that web page. Hence, images optimized explicitly for the web follow best practices that can display images on varying screen sizes or different browsers.

  • SEO Benefits
  • In ranking algorithm page speed is the common factor. For performance, images are optimized Google algorithms give more preference for the page to those websites which loads fast. When website page loads fast it improves the ranking of a page in SERP with positive user experience.

  • Better user-experience
  • When a website loads fast and functions appropriately; its overall user-experience is elevated for visitors surveying that site. Visitors are more likely to remain on pages and websites that load quickly and they are able to navigate what they need to find to do in the first place. To et better users the structure of the page should be correctly by optimizing images so that they can load better. For all the online business, positive user experience is essential for ranking the pages.

To find image-related issues of website

There are several tools to find image related problems on the website. Google PageSpeed and google lighthouse is an opensource free tool that highlights and help web developers to unoptimized images on your website and makes recommendations on how to improve it. Another tool Website analyzer Imagekit we can type URL, and within a few minutes it will provide suggestions for that page.