Study Abroad Management Software in Kochi

Note: Due to COVID-19, We have started online live training/internship by team of IT experts.

Study Abroad Software

Study Abroad System

Nestsoft have given provision for selling companies in Kochi under this software system. This software system helps you to stay up all the knowledge in custom-made reports and assist you in analysis regarding the success /failure of the marketing campaign. This feature makes our product additional powerful and helps our consumer to form their own ways that. As at intervals the international word, Students don't seem to be aware of the education programs/learning centers / some specific course in one specific subject. Registration of recent candidates to register within the courses, a special section has given within the software system wherever on information related to the student like country/Course/Fees/Duration/Nationality and complete information".

Counselors who transfer info as per their section assigned will facilitate this code package merely and maintain their records like time/instructions/Notes and Statutory and Nonstatutory Compliance. A whole detail may be maintained below this code for the visa process of the scholars enrolling within the totally different course within the institute. Our code permits our customers to produce admission connected information mechanically by mail. A completely integrated system permits us concerning the departure info of various student and provides a concrete form to facilitate the leaning system within an enterprise.

Benifits of Overseas Education Software:

  • Quick & Easy Implementation
  • Anytime-Anywhere Access
  • Upgrades & Customizations

Overseas Education Software Services in Kochi

Nestsoft provide overseas consultant system in Kochi helps you to manage students and candidates right from beginning to selection to visa and document process. This application can assist you to trace data regarding the choice of universities, programs, and admission method. Nowadays, everybody needs to be updated and create them change with the skillet they need to possess, during this respect to facilitate education system for overseas students, Nestsoft has entered into the market to bring a revolution throughout this domain.

We offer to our clients:

  • Marketing Campaign
  • Front Desk
  • Students Enquiry
  • Back office Processing
  • Registration Mechanism
  • Counsellor Management
  • Admissions and Visa Processing
  • Departure Information
  • Report Generation System

Overseas Education Management System & Web / App Development in Kochi

Nestsoft may be a specialized end to end solution for Overseas Education & Immigration Consultants. Our solution for Overseas Education, Immigration & Placement corporations includes all the wants that assist you with the graceful operation of your end-to-end business activities and can facilitate with deciding.

Nestsoft developed software to the processes of every kind of companies whether you're a personal Agent or large company with multiple offices across multiple locations. The code meets the top to finish solution needs of Overseas Education Consultants, Immigration Consultants likewise as Placement Consultants.

The key modules in the software include:

  • Student Information Management
  • University / Courses
  • Application Tracking
  • Immigration Management
  • Volunteer / Internship Applications
  • Invoicing
  • Agents & Commission
  • Placement Management
  • Consulting fee / installment management

Overseas Education techniques in Kochi

  • Track your Students
  • Ready in Minutes
  • Ease your work, not create work
  • No one time big payment required
  • Students always in touch
  • Improved Student Satisfaction
  • Automate your processes and be more productive
  • No Installation - No Maintenance
  • Keep your Application Status always up to date

Note: Due to COVID-19, We have started online live training/internship by team of IT experts.