Political Party Management Software in Kochi

Political Party Management Software

Political Party Management Software

I researched how to solve all these problems in the near future without giving the party too much manpower. I have learned from the developed countries how they treat the political party and its members and activities effectively and easily. It's simple ... it's a sophisticated software system. That's what I'm going to explain here. It only takes a few minutes to read and study.


  • Save more time
  • Save money
  • Democracy internally
  • Do activities
  • Do charities
  • Have party internal elections
  • Find a good candidate for government election
  • Effective funding management / creation
  • Coordination of all activities
  • Communication with members
  • Generates activity reports / meeting reports
  • Social media activities and campaigns


  • It should be user-friendly which is easy for the common man to handle.
  • All forms of communication must be supported eg: phone, direct, online
  • Each member can possible to register, activation of that details by admin side. If they cannot, data entry work should give into panchayath/wards.
  • The details of the members should be transparent, with no real duplicates


  • Name, Photo, Voter ID, Gender, Age, Date of Birth, Religion, Adhaar ID, Caste, Marital Status, Details of employment
  • Monthly income, Details of income tax returns, Your State, Your District, Your Taluk, Your Assembly, Your Parliament
  • Your Municipality / Panchayat, Your Ward, Your Booth
  • Do you have any health problems?
  • Whether handicapped or not
  • Your blood group
  • Do you have any achievements in sports?
  • Do you have any achievements in arts?
  • Do you have any other achievements?
  • Whether having a criminal case
  • Whether having a civil case
  • Are you ready to work full time in the party?
  • How much time you can spend for the party in a day??
  • How much time you can spend for the party in a week?
  • What are the areas in which you are interested to work in the party?
  • How much amount you can contribute for the party?
  • Do you have any leadership capabilities?
  • Have you worked in any other parties?
  • Have you worked in any other organizations?
  • When did you join the Indian National Congress?
  • Why did you join the Indian National Congress?
  • Are you ready to donate your organs after death?
  • What is your Voter’s ID Number?
  • Name of the person who referred you to the party?
  • Which communication media do you prefer for communication? (Email, Mobile, Online etc.)

All this data must be provided in the software. There must be a provision for uploading a photo of the member. The data will be submitted only after receiving a photocopy of the voter ID. The software must contain user ID, password and password confirmation. There must be conditions for logging in using email / facebook id / mobile number.

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