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Institute Management Software

Institute management software

Nestsoft is one of the biggest Institute management software development company in Kochi. Institute Management system may be a new wave within the education trade and is functioning its far in several known establishments across the globe. Nestsoft to beat the completeness of the current situation and to manage its resources with the best efficiency, the management has to have a robust and integrated software system for his or her day to day operation. The most important aim of this project is to produce efficiency in work operation, minimize work, etc in any respect educational institutes by providing a system which can handle all the tasks like group action management, result announcement, fees structure, etc.

Detailed Description:

  • Give automated system for group action of scholars and institutional members.
  • Sends notification to all the parents for group action & results of the scholars.
  • Curriculum along with subjects are properly managed.
  • Employees and school management feature change the colleges to transfer their study material which may be later downloaded by the scholars.
  • Complete Student management - whereby student will check vital updates via notification, participate in discussion forum, check past Result log etc.
  • Activity calendar may be maintained for all the future events and updates.
  • Payroll of all the employees members may be maintained in line with their designation through payroll management system.
  • Institutions placement record may also be managed.

Institute Management Software Services in Kochi

The Nestsoft aims to provide potency in work operation, minimize work, etc at all academic institutes by providing a system which may handle all the tasks like group action management, lead to the announcement, fees structure, etc with ease. “Institute Management software” is alone and comprehensive Management software that covers each and every entity of Institute like students, faculties, management, and guest.

This software is configurable supported your business necessities and functions. Institute software system merchandise is capable of delivering a high variety of quality services starting from entering data and obtaining the most recent up so far records by ensuring everyone has the power an choice to report. These are developed by expert professionals mistreatment advanced software system tools and are provided at minimum market vary.

Services :

  • Student Profile Management
  • Institute Billing Management
  • Fee Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Examination Management
  • Grading Management
  • Time Table Structuring Management
  • Library Management
  • Canteen Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Asset Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Transport Management

Academic / Training Centre Management Software System in Kochi

Nestsoft providing Institute Management software to our clients. Offered vary has wonderful quality and is considered to be of high utility in many management institutions and is updated from time to time and our vary is known for its wonderful quality and extremely demanded this reason. Our management software package has top to bottom functionality to manage your school/college in one click at anyplace.

Educational Institute Management package In Kochi, during this package student registration, Accounting, Student attendance, staff attendance reports, employee payroll, Student progress reports, category programming management, Examination management, Admin workplace management, etc options are enclosed as per your needs. The feeding college management system is an on-line package, therefore, you'll be able to manage it from anyplace and you'll be able to manage multiple colleges during this package. The layout and structure are straightforward to grasp for workers and interface are superb looking.


  • Online Examinations
  • Fee Management
  • Student Management
  • Staff Management
  • Expense Management
  • Online Study Materials
  • All over the Globe Access
  • SMS/ E-Mail alerts
  • Reports
  • Dashboard

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The package guarantees to save lots of money and time for homeowners apart from organizing the institute data. New reports accessorize for ID Card and Student Details for counsel folks detailing payment, Attendance, Marks, etc employment institute business. Institute Management Software is a powerful tool for applications that permit you to automate all aspects of Institute administration, in different words, an increased tool that assists in organizing the daily activities of an Institute.