How To Design Your Site To Super Fast

Web design already has a high level of speed - your site visitors should have the experience of the site very quickly, if you have not been transferred, wherever they go, wherever they go! Because today it's going to be faster and faster, it's today's way.Not the designers who check regularly to ensure that their clients are not fast enough.Looking at the data, there are a number of studies that say the following:

  • 47% of users would like to load two or two seconds per site site
  • E-commerce shoppers will allow the site to load only a second seconds, but in the second half without Google's goal
  • If you take more than three seconds to load, 57% of users will leave their mobile site

Obviously, the user experience is so much better that it's fast. Here's your clients' sites quickly have some beautiful ideas!

Make your design cosmetic

When you create a baffle design there are a few factors to load on your site. When you have a few components to load, your site will increase.It all depends on your philosophy on how you approach site design. You can cause a lot of trouble by designing smartphones to avoid harmful practices affecting your site's loading speed.Experts need to come up with a site that comes out of its feet, and for the simple principle of not taking permanent time to jump from one page to another.

Minimalistic features are:

  • A hamburger menu instead of a normal navigation bar
  • More white or negative space
  • Short web forms
  • Small images
  • One font is replaced with different fonts on your site

Learn the importance of the outlook on performance

Even in web design, the reality is true. Essentially necessary utilities for a high form of customer satisfaction or better UX should be much faster.Even with a faster site, your users can be happy to create a perspective of a faster site and quickly understand it.In this insight of Luke Wrobviczky, he explains that the speed and user experience is an important path. Instead of implementing complex technical solutions to improve the response time of a site with good design, it can improve views of the performance and make the interface appear faster.

Get lazy with lazy loading

This is a characteristic characteristic that duplicates objects until they are needed. For example, the objects below the top will begin to load and start when the user actually scrolls the page. The required design approach means that your site should be based on only a few resources, so that it increases the performance speed.Note that your page has many content so that users have to scroll a lot, and lazy loading is very effective. If you designed long term scrolling pages for a client, use lazy loading, which will greatly enhance the site's speed and user experience.

Optimize Your Servers

One important aspect of building your site super fast is how your servers are handled. In particular, it is much faster by managing your server response times. Your server response time is how long it will take to respond to the browser request.In other words, you can optimize your personal pages for the speed you need, but if you ignore your servers, your overall site is slow!

To make sure the server response time is super fast, it should do the following strategies with your server:

  • Use fewer resources for each page
  • Use a Content Delivery Network or CDN
  • Use a caching solution
  • Improve your web server software configuration

Quickly sites get more customers and readers

Designing for speed is not emphasized enough at this time! This is 2016, and your customers, buyers, and readers want to get a user experience faster. Otherwise, they are obliged to get together on your opponent's sites, optimized to speed it up!By implementing the tips above, you are guaranteed to improve the speed of the sites you design. It's impressive in your design skills, more and more businesses come your way as a designer!Of course, test to see that your site is too fast, and it's possible for you to create it. You can make changes here and there, as soon as possible.