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Digital Marketing Services & Seo SeminarsDigital marketing is a cost effective and affordable marketing technique. Increased user leads to enhance online marketing technique. Almost 70% of revenue of major organization comes from e-commerce. Online ads to cross billion in 2016.

Increased popularity of digital media and its development has lead vast need of digital marketing/SEO professional. Various fields in digital marketing are Analytics Manager, CRM and Email marketing Manager, Digital Agency Account Manager and Sales Director, Content writer, Digital Marketing Manager and Web Manager, Ecommerce Manager, SEO Manager, Social Media Manager, Web Developer and Web Designer etc.

Digital marketing provides services search engine optimization, conversion optimization, email marketing, e-commerce, search engine marketing, web designing, social media marketing, lead generation etc. Online ads to cross billion in 2016. Advantage of digital marketing are that consumer can access it any time they want or anywhere.

Our Seminar / Services Help you..

  • • Importance of digital marketing
  • • What is digital marketing and how to do digital marketing?
  • • learn how to boost your business through digital marketing /SEO techniques
  • • How to generate leads to your business and to promote your business?
  • • How to promote a business through social media marketing and increase online traffic for a website?
  • • What are digital marketing services and how to implement digital marketing?
  • • Career opportunities in digital marketing and tips to become expert in digital marketing/SEO.
  • • How to achieve good position in search engine like google, yahoo, bing etc?
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Importance of Digital Marketing Services ?

  • • Without digital marketing strategy you have no idea about in which direction to move and strategy you are applying is effective or not.
  • • Get more noticed, online enquiries, reviews and feedback of your product/services.
  • • Know about your online position, product/service value and market share.
  • • Digital marketing comes with single investment strategy other than different investment scheme in traditional marketing.
  • • With digital marketing know about your online position, product/service value and market share.
  • • Provides a common platform to market your product/services
  • • Grab your IT jobs fast by learning digital marketing/SEO
  • • Demand for digital marketing professional will rise by 35% this year.
  • • With digital marketing/SEO you can easily and fast start your career
  • • On average digital marketing/SEO professional earns between 1.5 - 30 lacs/- per annum.
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Address: Nestsoft technologies, Ravipuram Road, Near Ravipuram Temple, Cochin - 682016, Kerala, India.

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