Tips to Training / Project Guidance

Training Tips

Remember that your projects are more important than the examinations. Examinations are theoretical whereas projects are practical. It teaches you about several aspects and opens up a vast variety of career options in front of you. You can perform well in a job interview if you have successfully done the project. The success of your academic study depends on the quality of your project work.
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  • Get project guidance from experienced professionals who have done 2 or more real projects.
  • Don't get project guidance from institutes because they are only training people without any real project development experience
  • Do your project as a real time project and it should be implemented for practical usage
  • Your dedication and time spent for the project should be more than that of your examination preparations
  • Select your project platform or language which is most demanding in the job opportunities.
  • Don't copy projects from others, it will disqualify your career prospects.
  • A good project experience will qualify you to perform better in job interviews and machine tests
  • By doing the project work in a good manner, you are gaining the confidence to outsource IT projects independently
  • After the successful completion of the project work, be a true professional fully equipped with practical knowledge